Configure to Order 1c

Get ahead and stay ahead with notebooks customized specifically for your business. When you choose Dynabook, you are investing in leading-edge product design, engineering and build that will provide outstanding value throughout its lifespan. In addition, we offer a variety of configure-to-order (CTO) services to help you get maximum results from your Dynabook notebooks and to decrease your deployment time. 


Configure to Order 2


We can help minimize your downtime by installing, testing and certifying your custom image onto your new fleet of Dynabook notebooks. Don’t have a custom image? No problem. We can build one for you based on your specifications or simply install a clean Windows image. We can also provision each unit with custom settings and install any of your third-party software.


Configure to Order 3


Make your deployment easier by having us pre-configure your BIOS settings for stability and image control. We can customize settings such as BIOS Supervisor Password, enabling device access control and configuring the Boot Device Priority. We can also enable the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and Wake on LAN. We will also provide you with change points for subsequent BIOS versions. 


Configure to Order 4


Dynabook can help you quickly and easily transfer personal and email data from your old notebook to your new Dynabook notebook. We can do this while we are customizing your image and BIOS settings, or at any time as an on-site service if necessary.


Configure to Order 5b

Does your workforce demand more storage and more memory? We can help. We offer internal hard drive and memory upgrades to boost performance and efficiency. You can choose from regular, hybrid, SSD, encrypted or encrypted SSD drive options. Dynabook SSD offers greater durability and resistance to vibration and shocks. In addition, it will provide faster boot time and quicker operations. 


Configure to Order 6


Stay organized by keeping track of your entire fleet with customized physical or electronic asset tagging. Dynabook can install the asset tag of your choice prior to shipping.  We will also provide you with a detailed report on asset info such as serial number, part number, asset tag number and MAC address.


CTO International Keyboards


CTO International Keyboards


In today’s globalised world, you need technology that can keep up with the demands of international business. We now offer the option to configure the keyboard and operating system on your Dynabook laptop to different languages such as: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese and more.  


Configure to Order 7


Personalize your Dynabook notebooks with your company logo. When booting up, we can set your laptops to display your company logo instead of the standard Dynabook logo. Take it a step further with artfully etched company logos on the outside casing of your laptops. 


Configure to Order 8


After your initial order, we can continue to provide certain services at your location with minimal downtime and seamless transitions.  Within approximately 2-4 hours per unit, we can upgrade the memory or HDD, transfer your image and migrate your data onto the new drive. 



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