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The new TCxFlight Point of Commerce Solution brings a new wave of options to retailers. Designed to address retailer's immediate, mission critical point of sale operations, the TCxFlight is an elegant POS, a small customer kiosk, and even a great store manager's workstation. But its real power comes with its ability to take everything mobile and thereby enable retailers to utilize the versatility of this hybrid solution in a variety of mobile use cases. 


  • Elegant design extends traditional point of sale capabilities
  • On demand mobility enables immediate response to planned and unplanned changes throughout the day
  • Investment protection with a design that can adapt and grow with the retailers’ changing mobile needs
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Toshiba POS Wave

Today’s retailers understand that sustainable success depends on delivering a consistent and differentiated brand experience throughout the customer journey. Nowhere is this more important than the place where the majority of transactions are still carried out: the store. 


Retailers need point of sale (POS) technology that can support the versatility, style and functionality that a modern store environment demands. That can adapt easily to the changing demands of customers. That can bring new impact to the customer experience. And that can give timely, consistent service to consumers and associates throughout the shopping journey.


TCxWave™ by Toshiba is a new breed of retail system created to give retailers the freedom to use one platform for multiple purposes throughout the store. TCxWave has the flexibility, performance and distinctive design that global retailers have come to trust from the team that continues to produce the Number 1 store solutions in the industry.



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Toshiba POS Willpos 2

Versatile, energy efficient and all-around functionality POS systems ready for your business demands.


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