Aspiring to become an even stronger global contender, we pursue R&D that creates a stream of World’s First and World’s No. 1 products and services. With a network of Research and Development facilities around the world, Toshiba emphasizes the concentration of R&D investment in its growth businesses – total storage solutions, smart community, power electronics and electric vehicle applications, renewable energy, healthcare and fusion digital products and services – that underpin our ability to offer attractive products and services ahead of competitors and strengthen our overall competitiveness.This has resulted in over 12,000 patents across the world, many world-first products on the market and a number of invention awards over the years.



Toshiba Firsts


1921: World’s first “double-coil” light bulb

1930: Japan’s first electric washing machine and refrigerator

1972: World’s first color TV with black-stripe color cathode-ray tube

1981: World’s first home-use inverter air conditioner

1982: Japan’s first Magnetic Response Imaging System (MRI)

1985: World’s first laptop PC

1996: World’s first DVD Player

2001: World’s first HDD & DVD video recorder

2010: World’s first 3D LCD TVs not requiring dedicated glasses

  2013: World’s first erasable Multi-Function Printer 



With the growth in the world population and its concentration in cities as well as the rise in energy demand, the issue of how wisely we can use various resources is of global concern. One promising solution is “Smart Communities.” Toshiba Group will concentrate its energies on the realization of smart communities by fully utilizing the technology it has accumulated over the years together with its collective strength. There are currently 27 Smart Community Projects in progress worldwide including Europe, North America, Japan and Asia. 


Solutions for Total Innovations



 Solutions for Total Innovation

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