Hisashige Tanaka Toshiba Corporation's roots are in Tokyo Electric Works, founded by Hisashige Tanaka — the Thomas Edison of Japan — in 1875. Tanaka's company grew to become one of Japan's largest producers of heavy electrical machinery, based on his dream of developing technology that would benefit people everywhere. In 1939, the company merged with one of Japan's largest producers of heavy electrical machinery and was renamed Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co. Ltd. In 1978, the company, which had become a leading, integrated electrical equipment manufacturer, was officially renamed Toshiba. Toshiba's worldwide staff continues to make Tanaka's dream a reality.

A Look Back At Toshiba Firsts



  • World's first 3D LCD TVs not requiring dedicated glasses
2009Portege R600
  • Toshiba Launches Portege R600, World's First PC Integrating 512GB SSD
  • Toshiba Launches the World's First SDXC Memory Card 64GB, with world's fastest transfer rate
  • Toshiba Unveils the CELL REGZA 55X1, The World's First LCD TV Integrating the Cell Broadband Engine™
  • Toshiba Introduces Industry's Largest-Capacity, 320GB 1.8-inch HDD Enabling Next-Generation Portable Media Players
512GB Solid State Drive Next Gen SSD

  • Toshiba introduces the world's first laptops to feature a cell based quad-core media processor, the Qosmio G50 and F50
  • Toshiba Introduces Industry's First Quarter-Terabyte 1.8-inch HDD in High-Performance Configuration for Mobile PCs
  • Toshiba launches industry's first 512GB Solid State Drive and Next-Generation SSD family using 43nm MLC NAND
  • Toshiba develops breakthrough SCiB (Super Charge ion Battery) rechargeable battery for Schwinn Electric bicycle
80GB 2.5-inch HDD for Automotive Applications
  • Established Environmental Vision 2050
  • Developed 80GB 2.5-inch HDD for Automotive Applications with Industry's Largest Storage Capacity
  • Commercialized Industry's Highest Capacity Embedded NAND Flash Memory for Mobile Consumer Products

  • Introduced World's Highest Class of SDHC Card to World Market
  • Announced "REGZA" as Global Brand for Superb Flat Panel Televisions
  • Introduced new Corporate Brand Tag Line "TOSHIBA Leading Innovation" reflecting Toshiba's core message
8-gigabit NAND Flash Memory

  • 130th Anniversary of Corporation
  • 20th Anniversary of Mobile Computers
  • Developed a 8-gigabit NAND Flash Memory chip with 70 nm process technology, with SanDisk
World's smallest direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC)

  • Joined United Nation's Global Compact
  • Introduced a 4-gigabit (gb) single-die NAND flash memory
  • Developed the world's smallest direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC), with energy output of 100 mw
  • Developed SED (Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display) with Canon Inc
HD Terrestrial Digital Broadcast Television

  • Introduced a 2-gigabit (Gb) single-die NAND flash memory
  • Introduced to Japan a high-definition TV, upgradeable to receive terrestrial digital broadcasts
Home Networked Appliances
  • Established a joint venture with Matsushita Electric Industrial to unify LCD business
  • Developed the world's first networked home appliances
  • Developed the world's first 65-nanometer (nm) CMOS process technology for embedded DRAM system LSIs
HDD and DVD Recorder
  • Commercialized the world's first HDD & DVD video recorder
Toshiba BS Television
  • Manufactured BS digital TVs
Toshiba Progressive Scan Televisions
  • First to introduce progressive scan televisions
  • First to offer ColorStream component video connections on DVD and television consumer product
DVD drives
  • Introduced DVD video players and DVD-ROM drives
Magnetic Response Imaging System MRI
  • Japan's first Magnetic Response Imaging System (MRI)
Toshiba word Processor
  • Completed world's first optical disc-based data filing systems.
  • Tokyo Shibaura completed Japan's first transistor Television
  • Tokyo Shibaura develops and applies helical scan technology, which is now the standard for all VCR's
Former Horikawacho Works
  • Shibaura electric completed Japan's first TV broadcast transmitters and TV microwave relay system
electric refrigerator and washer
  • Japan's first electric washing machine and refrigerator
1927Shibaura Cathode Ray
  • A cathode ray tube made by Shibaura is the first in the world to receive a television image
  • Kenjiro Takayanagi succeeds in displaying a Japanese letter on the screen
Double Coil Light Bulb

  • Shibaura Engineering started experimental production of the first cathode-ray tubes
  • World's first "double-coil" light bulb
First Induction Motor
  • Produced Japan's first induction motors


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