Managed Print Services Encompass

Many companies are unaware of the total cost of printing within their organizations. With Toshiba 's expertise, we can help clients reduce costs up to 30%, gain visibility in print spending, alleviate the burden of internal IT support, and conserve resources.

We provide compelling and sustainable value services to our clients, such as:
  • Assessment and Fleet Optimization Services designed with the client culture in mind 
  • Scalable and Flexible Managed Print Services (MPS) Options
  • Cost Reduction Strategies 
  • Environmental Protection and Sustainable Initiatives 
  • Information Security & Compliance Professional Services (Document and Device Security, Document Workflow, Business Process Re-Engineering, and Content Management/eDiscovery)
Managed Print Services How Encompass Works

The average office is overloaded with outdated, money draining devices that not only increase monthly costs, but also your company's carbon footprint. Toshiba's MPS experts were able to streamline and optimize this office's document management systems.

Our MPS experts applied our unique Encompass analysis and pinpointed the inefficiencies of this particular print environment, reducing the number of devices from 9 to 2, saving the office time, money, and precious resources.

Managed Print Services PageSmart
PageSmart features an innovative pay-as-you-print solution for toner, service, and management. The program covers all aspects of your printers. There's no paying in advance for service retainer fees or supplies that sit on a shelf. All toner, parts, and service are included in the simple fixed cost per page. This in turn, frees your cash flow and enables your IT department to allocate budgets toward security, applications, and new technology.


Managed Print Services Award Winning

As the Managed Print Experts, we'll show you how to cut your printing expenses by up to 30% virtually overnight, with easy-to-implement, highly efficient solutions for businesses of all sizes.


Managed Print Services Go Greener


We know that reducing paper and electricity usage means cost savings to you every month. With our Encompass Green Report, you can maximize your green savings and reduce waste with environmental initiatives like our Zero-waste-to-landfill toner recycling and equipment disposal services.  The vast majority of our products are Energy Starᆴ rated and feature sleep modes that can reduce electricity consumption by up to 60%.  From using recycled plastics and reducing packaging, to eliminating the use of harmful substances, we're reducing our environmental footprint.  Achieving long-term sustainability takes leadership and action. That's why we offer, support and participate in a wide range of green initiatives.


Managed Print Services Security

Toshiba utilizes innovative security technologies and expert personnel who are trained and certified as part of our Encompass Security Vulnerability Assessment Program. Our Professional Services Consultants are experienced in analyzing and assessing device, fleet and enterprise document security. Multiple points of vulnerability are assessed including devices not manufactured by Toshiba. After analyzing possible security risks, our experts provide you with a detailed security plan and help you implement it.






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