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2.6 Million Acres and Counting

It's what we did in the past, and what we do in the present, that defines our future. Since 1962, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has secured over 2.6 million acres of land that will forever provide a home for wildlife, an escape from the city, and a vital resource that cleans the air we breathe and the water we drink.

Toshiba is working alongside the Nature Conservancy of Canada to help ensure that those lands and the rich biodiversity within them remain protected for future generations to enjoy.

  • 2,100Successful Projects

  • 1,500Properties Managed

  • 4,100People Involved

  • 40,800Species Observations

It Takes a Mountain of Data to Protect Our Lands

Toshiba facilitated the development of a technology that redefined the future of Canadian conservation — the Land Information System (LIS) — the system of record for the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s entire conservation program. Maps of properties, details about species at risk, threats to habitat, and other critical records can all be stored and accessed with ease. It’s a one‑of‑a‑kind system, and it’s at everybody’s fingertips.

Explore the Diverse Properties Being Protected Across Canada

The Old Man on His Back Ranch and Heritage Conservation Area is one of the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s flagship Saskatchewan projects, and part of the largest remaining grassland environments left intact in Canada.

13,135 acres forever protected

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Grassy Place is a diamond in the rough, hidden in a remote valley in the long-range mountains of Newfoundland & Labrador. Natural grasslands and the largest fluvial wetland of its type make up this breathtaking property.

3,879 acres forever protected

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Less than two hours from Toronto rests Carden Alvar - a bird watcher’s paradise and one of the world’s most globally rare alvar habitats.

8,000 acres forever protected

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Tremblant–Prévost is home to one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world – the Laurentian Mountains, which are made of rocks dating back more than 540 million years.

2,200 acres forever protected

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Situated just south of Moncton and nestled along the rolling coastline of the Bay of Fundy, Johnson’s Mills Shorebird Reserve is a part of one of the most biologically productive and vulnerable ecosystems in the world.

472 acres forever protected

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We have reached a point where we can work simultaneously at all levels — nationally, provincially and locally. Who knows what we could do in 10, 15 or 20 years?”
Linda Hannah (NCC Regional Vice President)