Toshiba Automated Accounts Payable Solution 


After countless hours of interaction with Accounts Payable departments, our solution was developed based on the unique business processes and workflow of Accounts Payable Departments large and small. 
AAP How It Works v4
Paper invoices are scanned and digitized.   Information on invoice is extracted and automatically captured in solutions database.   Invoices are automatically routed electronically for approval.  Exceptions are managed through defined workflow.   Images of all invoices and their processing status are readily available throughout the entire approval process.


Improve Productivity

No more manual data entry.  Paper invoices are
scanned, digitized and the data is automatically
extracted and captured in solutions database.

Easily Search and Find Invoices
Used ad-hoc searching and views to find what you
need quickly.  Never lose an invoice again.
Capture Invoices Immediately
Toshiba Automated Accounts Payable Solution
allows you to capture invoices the minute they arrive
in any format, from anywhere.  Scan paper invoices
and related documents received via email or fax.
Isn't it Time Your Business Went Digital?
No more storing physical copies.  Electronically
route invoices for processing and approval and
dramatically improve your workflow.  Storing
electronically also allows for swifter retrieval for 
verification purposes. 

Maximize Vendor Discounts/Optimize Cash Flow
Improve payment turnaround time to meet vendor
deadlines and take full advantage of early payment
discounts.  Take advantage of full payment terms
offered by suppliers, improving working capital.


Manage every thing in your business with Toshiba's Automated Accounts Payable Solution. No longer physically route documents for approval, reducing the time to process an invoice.

Automated Accounts Payable solution (Capture, Management, and Retention), infrastructure, management and support are all provided by Toshiba Business Solutions for less than the cost of managing in-house.  Reduce the cost to process an invoice by up to 50%-70%

With improved productivity, your Accounts Payable Department has more time to focus on strategic initiatives.  Our Automated Accounts Payable Solution also allows you to streamline audits and alleviate the burden of searching for files by providing auditors direct access to requested invoices with a few clicks of a button.



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