IT Services Overview

At Toshiba, we are dedicated to providing the technology and solutions to meet the demands of today’s IT department and mobile workforce. When you choose Toshiba for your organization, you’re getting the knowledge, expertise and support to help manage your fleet of business notebooks, reduce troubleshooting time and decrease the total cost of ownership. 



IT Services Cloud Services


Get all your IT resources with one, simple solution provided as-a-service. Start-up costs are minimal and you get access to enterprise-class resources such as application servers, storage, networks and more delivered like a utility with no capital investment. Eliminate your need to forecast large refresh expenses or maintain cash reserves to cover unexpected equipment replacement. The cost for complete end-to-end IT services boils down to a simple monthly fee with no surprises. 

Not just hardware, not just software. You get end-to-end Infrastructure-as-a-Service. When you consolidate your infrastructure with our IT Services, you gain access to a wide variety of cutting-edge technologies, bundled together with transparent and flexible pricing. When you virtualize your server workloads in the cloud and deliver your staff’s desktops and apps securely, you can reduce investment in equipment and maintenance. 


We Provide: 

  • On demand servers, storage and desktops
  • Detailed application license management
  • Fully redundant  Canadian owned Data Centres
  • Turn-key Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • High availability e-mail
  • Complete data backup systems
  • Comprehensive Service Desk support available 24/7


IT Services Data Protection Services


Say no to tape backups.  Protect your business by reducing the risk and impact of data loss with data protection services. Fully managed and monitored, it will keep your company safe from data corruption, viruses and malware while improving data recovery times. It’s a cost-effective, disk-based backup solution that delivers true data protection, security and easy recovery to keep your business running smoothly throughout any disaster.  

Is your company sitting on an ever-growing mound of data back up tapes? How long would it take to get data from your most recent tape into your system to stay in business after an incident? Data loss, corruption, viruses, and other data disasters are an unfortunate threat to your business at any time. Storing your data in our cloud instead of using tapes will minimize interruption when recovery is needed and keep your business running smoothly through any disaster.


We Provide:  

  • Reliable, fast disk-based backup for images, files, servers and applications
  • True protection against data loss, corruption, and user error 
  • All done in a secure, off-site Tier 3 100% Canadian Data Centre 
  • Focus on data integrity and retention
  • Easy, efficient, fast recovery and rollbacks
  • Cost-effective, monthly payments only for what you use 


IT Services Managed IT Services


Let our team optimize your operations and manage the risk so you can spend time growing your business. You can reduce spending on non-essential commodity elements of IT and free up resources for investment in IT capabilities. Managed IT services include 24/7 system monitoring, on-site consulting support, ITIL Certified technical support, alert notification, reporting and more. Our cutting-edge technical expertise is guaranteed, and the operations of our Data Centre are overseen by our own dedicated certified Data Centre Manager. 

Your business increasingly depends on complex technology and  success depends on the health of your IT infrastructure. High-performance IT requires experts who understand cloud architecture and know how to upgrade, patch, secure, monitor, and scale today’s cloud environments. Considering Managed IT Services for your back-end infrastructure gives you peace of mind, and can reduce your spending on nonessential, commodity elements of IT.  You can  free up resources for investment in IT capabilities that provide differentiation and competitive advantage. If something breaks, our team will fix it so you don’t have to feel like you’re constantly just reacting to IT problems.


We Provide: 

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • ITIL Certified Service Desk and technical escalation support
  • Backup and data storage
  • Network and server management
  • Security services
  • Managed firewall services 
  • Alert notification and reporting
IT Services Security Services


Information security has never been more important. Investment in security is something organizations of all sizes need to consider as more and more are facing phishing scams, malware attacks and more. Our security services will help you stay compliant with provincial and industry regulations, reduce the risk of data loss and protect your company’s reputation. We offer vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, configuration audits and compliance audits. 



IT Services Partners



hostedbizz3Our hosted, business critical, IT applications remove the technical challenges and reduce the costs associated with infrastructure and application ownership. We provide enterprise grade hosted IT products and services that easily scale with your organizational needs. We remove the burden of technology management and reduce cost of ownership to a predictable monthly expense turning your technology costs into investments. Our hosted technology solutions are located in Canadian based Tier 3 data centers equipped with state of the art security as well as full dual redundancy on all infrastructures. Our solution provides substantial flexibility in the packaging and the delivery to ensure the final solution is one that best meets your needs.




AVG Cloud SolutionsYour business runs on data, losing that data would be catastrophic. Comprehensive data protection reduces the risk and impact of data loss. Fully managed and monitored, your data is protected from the effects of data corruption, viruses, malware and accidents. Our cost-effective, cloud-based backup solution delivers true data protection, security and fast, easy recovery to keep your business running smoothly throughout any disaster.





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