Robust Mobility Solutions

Mobility can offer more than just savings

Free your office desktop phone—with all its associated privileges, preferences and features—to follow you anywhere within reach of an IP or cellular connection. Place, receive and manage calls and messages on secure wireless handsets, on your smartphone, or on PCs and tablets equipped for voice calls.


Toshiba IP communication systems help keep you connected to your customers and help enhance employee productivity. Our versatile IP telephone systems support many types of mobility endpoints; allowing you to extend the reach of Toshiba’s telephone systems without boundaries.


Mobility means many things to many people. It can mean anything from roaming the halls with a cordless digital phone that gets its signals from an in-building wireless local area network (WLAN) to roaming the world with a smartphone that gets its signals from carriers’ towers and orbiting satellites.



At Toshiba, we define mobility in some ways by where you can go with it but also by how much you can take with you when you go. And we provide mobility options for a broad range of needs and budgets.


Toshiba’s mobility solutions* allow users to:


  • Roam anywhere in the building with high-quality cordless digital telephones.
  • Use their desktop phone features across the campus with wireless SIP DECT phones.
  • Use their Toshiba phone system features anywhere within the reach of an IP connection.
  • Use their Apple® or Android™ smartphones as Toshiba phone system extensions.
  • Synchronize cell phones and desktop phones to be reached with only one number.
  • Use a wireless laptop or PC to manage calls, using the mouse, without ever picking up the phone.
* Not all applications are available for all Toshiba IP systems. Connect with your local Dealer for a network assessment.
Toshiba Mobility Applications
Unified Communications / Call Manager

Manage calls and messages from a wireless laptop or PC

Toshiba’s Call Manager application lets you combine the capabilities of your computer and Toshiba telephone into one powerful communication tool. Use your mouse to dial, answer, transfer calls, and more—without picking up the phone’s handset.
Use your Android or iOS smartphone as a phone system extension.

The IPMobility Application for IPedge Systems enables Apple or Android smartphones to act as an extension of the office desk phone. 
Toshiba Personal Call Handler
Ring your desk phone and cell phone simultaneously to ensure you can always be reached

Toshiba delivers “twinning” capability via its Personal Call Handler feature of Stratagy® voicemail, which rings your desk phone and cell phone simultaneously to ensure you can always be reached. Furthermore, it provides a number of choices for handling incoming calls including scheduled-based call handling, caller-based call handling, and various sequential and simultaneous ring options. (Strata® CIX™ Systems Only).
Call Manager with Voice
Software to equip a laptop or pc to make and receive calls
Call Manager Laptop
Toshiba gives you the power to stay connected using SoftIPT soft phone clients that run on your laptop or desktop via your LAN or WLAN. You can roam anywhere WLAN and the Internet take you and maintain voice and chat connectivity.
IPT Survivability
Get service from a second server if the first one is unreachable

Toshiba’s on-premise VoIP systems offer real time survivability for IP telephones and SoftIPT® soft phones with the ability to re-register to a secondary (backup) system if the primary system fails. 
SoftIPT Softphone
Software with the look and feel of a traditional
IP5000 telephone for a laptop or PC
Toshiba SoftIPT SoftPhone

Toshiba gives you the power to stay connected using SoftIPT soft phone clients that run on your laptop via your LAN or WLAN. You can roam anywhere WLAN and the Internet take you, maintaining most of the features available on Toshiba’s IP telephones and digital telephones.
Follow Me (Twining)
Toshiba’s IPedge Messaging Follow Me Feature

Enables a single phone number to reach a user’s chosen devices, e.g., desk phone, mobile phone, or both simultaneously.
Wireless SIP DECT IP4100
In-building mobility using DECT base stations

Toshiba’s mobile SIP DECT telephone solution for IPedge® and Strata® CIX™ IP business telephone systems gives users more choices to meet their mobility needs. The IP4100 DECT solution provides a cost-effective in-building wireless solution, built on proven DECT 6.0 technology. 

Cordless Telephones
Affordable handsets for in-building mobility
DKT2404 DECT Cordless Phone
Toshiba cordless telephones give you the ability to take advanced desk phone functionality down the hall, into the conference room, or across campus. You can even switch between your cordless and digital desk telephones during a call. DECT and narrow band technology safeguard your phone’s frequency range and deliver maximum security. 


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