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When you work with Toshiba you get a team of experts trained to help you reach your business objectives. We understand that one size does not fit all and we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services that gives your organization greater efficiency, and helps you work smarter. Optimizing how you capture, manage, deliver and secure documents is an excellent way to save time and money. Toshiba can show you how.

Document Capture:

Document capture is a key component to any business. Creating workflows to organize these documents is just as critical. Converting paper documents to digital files is the initial step for the retention, safety, and overall lifecycle of the document.

e-BRIDGE Re-Rite

    Document Storage and Retrieval:

    Toshiba can help create a seamless process for how documents are stored, filed, and later accessed. Cloud technology allows an increase in business efficiency and productivity as documents can be accessed outside of the office. However, many businesses face the issue of how to integrate their pre-existing hardcopy documents into a cloud environment.This service can be customized for each business application and can help promote a more collaborative working environment.

    e-BRIDGE Software Connectors

    Workflow Automation:

    Toshiba will assess your current workflow and determine how up-to-date it is to your specific business applications. Toshiba can help you unlock the full potential of an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and an Enterprise Document Management (EDM) solution, distributing data anywhere it's needed across your organization.


    Variable Data Printing:

    Communication is the key to any business. Toshiba can help your organization make the most effective use of any communication using technology to create business documents and customer communications that will help you grow your business. Leverage the power of existing databases and the flexibility of solutions to create a targeted personalized message to each recipient.

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    PrintShop Mail Suite

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