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DocuWare is designed to maintain documents so that they are immediately available. Documents are electronically stored and organized with easy-to-use functions, simple administration and seamless integration. Well known for the ease of its installation and the simplicity of its system administration, DocuWare allows you to easily retrieve any document, any time, from any location.

How Does it Work?

The performance and acceptability of a document management system depend largely on how quickly and easily documents of many different types, from a wide range of sources, can be imported and used in the system. The basic principle of DocuWare is focused on the normal office environment and its established procedures: documents initially arrive in electronic baskets. These baskets mimic the baskets on a desk. Here they can be sorted and if needed, documents that belong together can be stapled together.

From the baskets the documents are stored in file cabinets. The file cabinets form the 'document pool', which is the source and control of the workflow over the network. DocuWare has powerful import features which can be automated with a variety of options making sure that all document types are filed away in the right place. DocuWare offers a wide range of options for importing and processing documents, from the digitization of paper documents to web-based working.

With DocuWare you can:

  • Bring all of your organization's information into one place.
  • Reduce risk of relying on paper based filing.
  • Establish workflows to dramatically improve efficiencies on document routing and approvals.
  • Improve accessibility to information across various locations.

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