Is your company sitting on an ever-growing mound of data back up tapes? How long would it take to get data from your most recent tape into your system to stay in business after an incident? Data loss, corruption, viruses, and other data disasters are an unfortunate threat to your business at any time. Storing your data in our cloud instead of using tapes will minimize interruption when recovery is needed and keep your business running smoothly through any disaster.

We Provide:  
  • Reliable, fast disk-based backup for images, files, servers and applications
  • True protection against data loss, corruption, and user error 
  • All done in a secure, off-site Tier 3 100% Canadian Data Centre 
  • Focus on data integrity and retention
  • Easy, efficient, fast recovery and rollbacks
  • Cost-effective, monthly payments only for what you use 



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Identify security risks and see how Toshiba IT Services can help manage and protect your data. 

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