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Our business is you. Whatever your document management needs are, whether it's printing and device management, document capture and workflow, or device and document security, our Solutions Experts are standing ready to provide you with solutions to increase your productivity, improve your workflow and competitive edge.


Document Solutions Document Capture


The common filing cabinet not only takes up costly floor space it also poses obvious security and environmental risks. Add to that the number of valuable employee hours lost sorting, storing and searching for documents and you have a considerable workfl ow challenge. Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Re-Rite™ is the ideal solution. It transforms paper documents into editable digital libraries instantly. What’s more, it’s so easy the whole offi ce can use it. Toshiba can help create a seamless process for how documents are stored, filed, and later accessed. Cloud technology allows an increase in business efficiency and productivity as documents can be accessed outside of the office. However, many businesses face the issue of how to integrate their pre-existing hardcopy documents into a cloud environment.This service can be customized for each business application and can help promote a more collaborative working environment.


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Drivve | Image is a powerful set of feature-rich,customizable tools for capturing, processing and distributing document images — and the vital information they contain. By bringing together modules that are highly intelligent and ridiculously user-friendly, the Drivve | Image suite helps turn your MFP into an exceptionally integrative workflow engine. In fact, Drivve | Image transforms your entire network of MFPs into a responsive, finely tuned programmable ignition system for these workflows. And with its simple installation and easy configuration, everyone in your organization can accelerate to full-blown office synchronization — to office automation that puts the force back in workforce.




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Every day you spend valuable time searching for, copying, printing, labeling, storing and securing documents. Paper documents create a lot of work, fill up file cabinets, and are costly to maintain. And where do you begin to find the right document when you need it?

DocuWare—software for professional Enterprise Content Management—simplifies every single task relating to documents. By managing your documents with DocuWare, you increase efficiency throughout your entire organization. Employees are equipped with the right information whenever they need it so that customer service improves and productivity increases. Security gaps are closed, and because everything is so well-organized and legally compliant, audits consume less time.



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From banking to accounting to insurance, your industry faces challenges that range from regulatory compliance to data security and availability. M-Files helps organizations comply with financial regulations while providing instant access to important documents and information.


Find what you need instantly

Sometimes finding the right document when you need it seems impossible. Where was that file saved? Who edited it last? What if it didn't matter? M-Files eliminates the chaos of traditional folders by organizing content based on what it is, so you never have to remember where it’s saved or which version is the right one.


Review and approve financial agreements faster

Managing and tracking contract workflows requires a lot of time. M-Files frees up more hours in the day by automating processes like contract lifecycle management (CLM). Because M-Files knows who is responsible for every task along the way, notifications are sent automatically.


Make your business audit-proof

Failing an audit is extremely costly and risky. Keeping records of everything and maintaining updated financial documentation is critical. M-Files keeps track of every version of everything for you. See the entire history of all of the content in your organization at any time.


M-Files plays well with others

Communication is the key to any relationship and your business software is no exception. M-Files talks to your other systems so you can find what you need from wherever you are. We integrate tightly with existing CRM, ERP and other business systems so that every bit of information you need is in one place.




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Document Solutions Variable Data Printing


PlanetPress Suite allows you to easily create or enrich variable content documents of any type; Transactional , Transpromotional or Promotional.  Business documents play a central role in the communications between organizations and their clients. Invoices, statements, financial reports; every document sent to your customer is an opportunity for new business. With the right technology, you can create business documents and customer communications that help you develop, maintain and grow your business. Customer communications impact every department of your organization. The right solution will allow you to communicate more effectively with your current customers as well as to quickly implement strategies and processes to respond to future needs.



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PrintShop Mail Suite is a standalone variable data printing composition tool, easy to use for beginners with advanced capabilities for experts. It optimizes VDP production process by minimizing set-up time and maximizing printing speed. With PrintShop Mail Suite, merge any design with any database and print on any printer, now from anywhere around the world with PrintShop Mail Web as a central production server.  


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Document Solutions Increase Security


Your business may be at risk. Toshiba can help.  Information security is a growing concern for many businesses today. Toshiba takes the security of your documents very seriously and uses innovative methods of protecting sensitive data in order to meet the increasing security challenges businesses face today.


Device Security: Most of our MFPs come standard with FIBS certified HDD and Wipe technology for Self-Encrypting Disk Drive, this is to ensure data invalidation in the event of HDD theft. Additionally, On-Board Data Scramble function and Disk Overwrite, ensures that all data is erased after every fax, copy, scan, and print job in order to prevent latent storage of sensitive data.


Secure Access: Toshiba can help you manage security by putting authentication processes in place and customizing access based on security levels, job functions and whatever makes the most sense for your business.


Toshiba MFPs can be optionally fitted with an RFID smartcard reader to ensure secure authenticated access to the device using existing building access cards.


A smartcard allows authentication / logging-in at the machine without entering a User Name and Password on the MFP LCD. Using the data on the proximity card performs the authentication process.


End of Life/Disposal Security: Toshiba has an extensive End of Life Security Policy to ensure all of your critical data is removed from the copier hard drive before it leaves your organization. Our team of trained technicians will ensure that all devices, regardless of brand, are scrubbed to remove all data stored on the hard disks before the devices are decommissioned.




Document Solutions PaperCutMF


PaperCut print management software allows businesses to manage all copying and printing produced across their entire multifunctional copier and printer fleets. The application provides integration with Toshiba MFPs, enabling the tracking and billing of "off the glass" copying, faxing and scanning. PaperCut uses Toshiba devices' built-in touch screen to provide a rich set of application features including:  End user authentication, Optional proximity and swipe card authentication, Group-based access control, Allocation of usage to accounts/departments/cost-centers/projects.  PaperCut is supported across Windows, Linux, Mac, and Novell servers and workstations. 


Papercut-MF allows customers to: 

Control or offset the cost of printing and copying scanning & faxing using monitoring, filters, quotas and charging, set policies& quotas that will leverage your print and copy staff and resources more effectively while reducing waste.

Show users the environmental impact of their printing and copying.

Manage PaperCut and printing with an easy to use web based console & extensive automatic email reports.

Find-Me printing for secure job release at any hardware device.

Mobile device (iPhone, IPod, androids etc.) print support. 


How does it Work?


Papercut-MF monitors print queues directly and extracts all required data from the print stream to account for all printing by Users, Printers, MFP devices, Groups and special accounts. Device centric activity (Copy, Scan & Fax) is relayed back to the Papercut-MF server and accounted based on the MFP authenticated user or group.  No additional hardware is required for job release or walk-up activity at the Toshiba MFP panel.  Proximity card option for MFP authentication availlable. 



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