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As a corporate citizen of planet earth, Toshiba’s mission is creating sustainable societies that will allow people to live healthier, happier and more prosperous lives. Toshiba Group has over a 20-year history of being involved in environmental protection. As solutions for various environmental issues are called for, Toshiba Group has developed ‘Environmental Vision 2050’, a corporate vision that envisages affluent lifestyles in harmony with the Earth as an ideal situation of mankind in 2050. As an evaluation indicator, Toshiba Group created ‘The Factor’ representing a numerical degree of improvement in eco-efficiency. Toshiba Group’s Environmental Vision 2050 set the goal to achieve Factor 10 by 2050.



Environmental Vision 2050 Plan


 Achieving Factor 10 Toshiba Environmental Plan

Fifth Environmental Action Plan 


Toshiba formulates Environmental Action Plans and manages specific environmental activities and their targets in order to reach the 2050 goal. The Fifth Environmental Action Plan covers FY2012 to FY2015. The plan encompasses 4 green concepts: ‘Greening of Products”, “Greening by Technology”, “Greening of Process” and “Green Management”. Greening of Products involves the creation of products with the highest level of environmental performance; Greening by Technology involves the implementation of low-carbon energy technologies; Greening of Process involves environmentally conscious manufacturing; and Green Management includes greater integration between business operations and environmental management.  Toshiba releases an Annual Environmental Report that showcases our environmental goals and activities.


Environmental Action Plan

Toshiba Group has established “Toshiba eco style”, as its unified global brand representing its environmental initiatives.


Realizing Our Vision of Enhance Quality of Life in Harmony with the Earth


‘Advances in technology, manufacturing and products brings a new style to people and society’: 


Toshiba is eco style


 Eco Style Japan Diagram Breakdown


For individuals, our eco-conscious products create value and help to realize richer, more diverse lifestyles, while reducing impacts on the global environment.


For society, our advances in power systems, sophisticated transmission networks and essential infrastructure systems secure new levels of convenience, safety and security, while contributing to the realization of a greener planet Earth. 


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